Gigabit speed test anybody?

Frank Bulk - frnkblk at
Fri Mar 27 22:33:10 UTC 2009

I believe there is an ITU standard for testing that could be looked at, but
if you went with the same test gear that SPs use to test their circuits, I
think you would be safe.  Hence my mention of JDSU, but I could also add
Agilent (more engineering focused), Anritsu, EXFO, Fluke (more enterprise
focused), and SR Telecom.


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Frank Bulk wrote:
> If you're turning up a 10 GigE circuit, as a customer I would be asking
> that circuit to be tested with some modern tools such as the JDSU T-BERD.
> For the price you're probably paying, it's probably not unreasonable to
> it as part of the turn-up fee.

What is it then that one would classify as an 'industry standard' test
for turning up 100Mb-1Gb connections over optical?

Is there an industry approved standard application in which the results
can be backed up by the "big" SP's? Something that can be passed to the
client that explains that "even though your VPN gateway is doing 20Mbps,
we can get 856Mbps over the connection without it".

(My chosen setup is two FBSD boxes that boot/run from removable media
into 2-4GB of RAM using Iperf and/or the 'netrate' tools).


ps. I've toyed with small deployments of MPLS VPNs and SP owned CE with
encrypted tunnels, but the hardware to do such at any scale is out of
reach for us at this point. The theory in practise is fantastic though ;)

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