Google Over IPV6

Nathan Ward nanog at
Fri Mar 27 21:25:08 UTC 2009

On 27/03/2009, at 11:20 AM, Florian Weimer wrote:

> Google seems to aim at Tier 1 status for IPv6.  No transit, no
> tunneling.

That seems to be the case, yep. It's an interesting plan.

On 27/03/2009, at 8:03 AM, Robert D. Scott wrote:

> Their press would indicate that more than www is IPV6.

Yep. Map tiles over IPv6 was turned on last week during the Google  
IPv6 Implementers meeting, and other stuff is IPv6 as well. The  
traffic jump was pretty big :-)

[nward at]~% host -t AAAA | grep  
IPv6 has IPv6 address 2001:4860:b003::53
[nward at]~% host -t AAAA |  
grep IPv6 has IPv6 address 2001:4860:b003::68
[nward at]~% host | grep IPv6 has IPv6 address 2001:4860:b003::88 has IPv6 address 2001:4860:b003::be has IPv6 address 2001:4860:b003::5b has IPv6 address 2001:4860:b003::5d

etc. etc.

(mt[0-3] are the same)

Nathan Ward

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