Yahoo and their mail filters..

Sean Figgins sean at
Tue Mar 24 21:24:45 UTC 2009

Jack Bates wrote:

> It works fine for large ISPs and colocation providers; especially those 
> who run abacus to process large volumes of reports and keep their time 
> well spent. If you spend 2 hours on a feedback loop without any actions 
> having to be taken, you're definitely doing something wrong.

The large national tier 1 that I work for gets about 40,000 automated 
emails from AOL every day.  I thought it was one for every email that 
was sent from our netblocks, but are these actually from people that 
have reported something as spam?  There are SO many that it's a 
significant load on our mail server.  Our Exchange server could never 
have hoped to keep up.  And our abuse department has no chance to keep up.

I'll have to look into abacus to see if it can be of some service to our 
abuse department.


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