Issues with Level3 in chicago?

Nicholas R. Cappelletti nick at
Thu Mar 19 16:16:39 UTC 2009


It's resolved now, but we had customers calling in saying they could no longer get to their sites.  The traceroutes to us were dying at the servers, and a reverse trace to their public IP address was showing the trace dying a few hops past our borders.


Nick Cappelletti
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Nick Cappelletti
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What kind of issues? I just checked two 10G connections from 350 Canal 
and 1905 Lunt and don't seen anything of concern. Most of my traffic 
stays on Level3, so I only briefly checked that I could route off Level3 
from the connections. Seems fine here


Nicholas R. Cappelletti wrote:
> We just experienced some connection issues with outgoing traffic through Level3.  Anyone with similar issues?
> I can provide some traceroutes if needed, but just wanted to see if anyone else had similar problems.
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