Seeking Connectivity in IRAQ

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Mon Mar 16 18:03:39 UTC 2009


Check out Wataniya and Zain, the two are the regional wireless
providers and in my experience, at least in Kuwait, they offer aircard
service. The catch is that you have to have a local ID card (this was
the rule in Kuwait, not sure of Iraq). You can get around this by
buying the service from a shop who may agree to buy the card in his
own name and resell to you.

Best regards, Jeff

On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 1:12 PM, Robert D. Scott <robert at> wrote:
> A unit within the University has need to get reliable network connectivity
> to Iraq, more specifically Baghdad. I was wondering if any nanogers have any
> recommendations and/or contacts with providers in the area. Wired or
> Wireless. Off-list is fine.
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