Redundant Array of Inexpensive ISP's?

Ken A ka at
Thu Mar 12 14:17:48 UTC 2009

Tim Utschig wrote:
> [Please reply off-list.  I'll summarize back to the list if there
> is more than a little interest in me doing so.]

Please do. There are many rural ISPs and WISPs that might benefit from a 
decent look at these products, or any open source clones that might be 
available to test & refine these tricks.

Pricing for even a fractional DS3 in the rural US is still very high. 
Being able to shift bandwidth from a colo facility in a large city to a 
remote site served by 3 or 4 consumer grade broadband links could be a 
helpful development, if the bottom line works out.


> I'm curious if anyone has experience with products from Talari
> Networks, or anything similar, and would like to share.  Did they
> live up to your expectations?  Caveats?

Ken Anderson
Pacific Internet -

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