Network SLA

Charles Wyble charles at
Mon Mar 9 17:37:08 UTC 2009

What products/services do you use for traffic generation?  Also what 
sort of testing methodology do you use? As for random probes that 
certainly seems like a nice feature.

Holmes,David A wrote:
> We use BRIX for SLA's by measuring round trip times, jitter, and packet
> loss across all of our backbone links. In conjunction with a traffic
> generator to add background traffic, and potentially invoke queueing on
> interfaces, we have found that BRIX enables us to accurately predict the
> behavior of new applications, particularly multicast and HD video,
> without the need to implement elaborate QoS configurations. BRIX is now
> owned by EXFO, a fiber optic test equipment manufacturer. Low values for
> rtt, jitter, and packet loss imply a relatively queue-free network,
> which makes confident predictions about network behavior easier.
> When we last looked at the technology, the Cisco IP SLA probes did not
> capture a random distribution of network events, as the probes are
> triggered every N minutes. BRIX randomizes the probes within a
> configurable window, so that, over time, all time intervals are covered
> by the accumulated probes.

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