SNMP and syslog forwarders

Simon Leinen simon.leinen at
Wed Mar 4 21:40:13 UTC 2009

Sam Stickland writes:
> It's looking like running all of our traps and syslog through a couple
> of relay devices (and then onwards to the various NMS's) would be
> quite a win for us.

You can try the UDP samplicator:

(The name indicates that it can also sample packets, but that is just an
option that can be ignored for your application.)

> These relay devices just need to be "dumb" forwarders (we don't
> require any filtering or storing, just reflection), but we need an HA
> pair (across two sites) without creating duplicates.

There is one complication with SNMP traps and also with typical Syslog
packets: The IP source address carries important information that is not
carried in the payload.  So it's not sufficient for the relay to simply
re-send the UDP datagrams without loss of information.

Samplicator handles this with an option to spoof the IP source address
when it resends the packets.  (With this option, it must run as root,
and you will have to drill holes in the ingress filters that you
hopefully have even for your own servers. :-)

> I have the coding skills to make this myself, but as coding skills
> come and go in our network team, we are looking for a commerical
> product so it will continnue to work after I get:  hit by a bus /
> amnesia / visions of grandeur.

Not commercial, sorry.  Maybe someone can sell you support for it (or
life insurance).  I should probably put it up on a code hosting service
so that the community can maintain it.

> Any recommendations / experience? This needs to scale to ~1,500 devices.

Shouldn't be a problem.  The main trick is to ensure that the
forwarder's UDP receive buffers are large enough to handle bursts that
might arrive while the forwarder/server is catching its breath.
Samplicator lets you tune this socket buffer size.

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