Can I know how this network works (resend)?

Deric Kwok deric.kwok2000 at
Sun Mar 1 02:07:50 UTC 2009

Hi all

main router- 3 static routes
ip route (routerA) ----
ip route (routerB) ----same switch ---telecom
company---client request
ip route (routerC) ----

main router ---switch ---routerB--- switch ---telecom company

dyname ip clients ip and
static ip clients ip
This setting is fine when any dynamic ip clients sent from telcom company.
But When telecom company sent request from static ip client
(any ip in but this client is sent to in routerA,
how this work out?
I really don't want to have in routerC to routerB then routerA
in loop
as there will have big admin work if there is more than 3 routers and have
new static ip client for the future
Thank you for your help

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