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Gregoire Villain nanog at
Sun Jun 28 12:20:47 UTC 2009

On May 21, 2009, at 3:38 PM, Philip Lavine wrote:

> To all,
> I am sure this has been asked 10 to the 1 millionth power times,  
> however may be the rules have changed. I am looking to set up a  
> really small ISP with a few /24's. I want to host DNS as well. Is  
> there any whitepapers/howtos/best practices on setting up multihomed  
> BGP and DNS with BIND so I don't blow up the Internet.
> Thx
> Philip

O Hai!

I would highly advise you have a read at any presentation by Phil Smith: (anonymous login)
Read as much as you can from here 1st thing 1st - this is all solid  
ground knowledge.

Then, give a quick read at Cisco's BGP Case Study online on the CCO.
And you're OK to go.

Now if you want paper material that you can keep, I'd suggest  
"Internet Routing Architectures" by Sam Halabi - Cisco Press, even  
though it's getting old, I find it still very valid. Make sure you  
have a read at before you roll out your  AS, for their  
BOGONs/Martians ACLs and peerings, as it sure helps.

Bear in mind BGP is a simplistic protocol. The pain point *will* be  
your IGP (if you want to do it correctly from start...)


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