Use of Default in the DFZ: banned in philly, see it now on the net!

Randy Bush randy at
Thu Jun 25 09:12:56 UTC 2009

> That's where the confusion sets in, and Randy even stated that the UCLA 
> data is suspect; partially because it considers a stub to be 4 or less 
> downstream ASNs. I think Randy's data would be better reflected without 
> the UCLA information which just confuses it.

the first pie chart uses no classification.  if we had to classify, we
would have stubs only end as paths (_foo$) and transits are all the

i do not know how we would separate small and large transits in any
rigorous fashion.  so it was easier to use the ucla taxa as a rough
approximation and blame anything weird on them :)

we could do a quick run using the definition of stub and transit as
above if folk are really interested.


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