Jack Bates jbates at
Wed Jun 24 23:13:52 UTC 2009

Joe Blanchard wrote:
> My gosh...
> Ok, so if someone happens to talk about murder over the phone, is the phone
> company providing the service held liable?
> Lets get back to rational/informative content please.

The phone company still has to provide records of who owns the phone 
number and perhaps allow a tap of the phone depending on court orders. I 
seem to have to maintain a CALEA server and compliance which I will 
probably never use but is mandated by law. If the courts find they can 
never find the owner of an IP, then the laws will mandate that we 
maintain such records; and in fact, there has been more than one bill 
for provisioning the storage of all emails for subpoena purposes.

I'm not familiar with TOR, but I suspect that governments can still step 
through it to find the person responsible if perhaps a bit more time 


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