Use of Default in the DFZ: banned in philly, see it now on the net!

Randy Bush randy at
Wed Jun 24 19:07:27 UTC 2009

> That was my assumption when I checked the "UCLA is wrong" button on the
> form.  We only have one downstream, but it's a distinct ASN so that says
> "not stub" to me.

this ucla fantasy imposing their social model on actual measurements is
merely amusing and does little damage.

researchers seem to have fantasies about the internet.  the $subject
breaks all our fantasies about the 'default free' zone.  but it also
shows that all the bgp feeds in the world only give you the ability to
spew bs fast at the nanog podium, and have little to do with reality.

but my favorite researcher fantisy is called the gao-rexford model.  it
assumes valley free customer preferred.  valley free means no peer
offers transit to peers and no customers offers transit between their
upstreams.  we know this to be violated in numerous cases.  but the
really good giggle is customer preferred, when the fact is that some
really really large providers prefer peer routes and have since 1948.


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