Use of Default in the DFZ: banned in philly, see it now on the net!

Jack Bates jbates at
Wed Jun 24 18:19:54 UTC 2009

8025, and thanks for labeling us small transit guys as stub. I have 
transit customers that have higher user counts than I do. :P

Randy's page just mentioned stub as not having transit customers.

By your definition, we are stub. 4 ASNs under mine, since customers not 
needing BGP don't use it and we inject their routes into our AS. Some 
may be undetectable due to routing policies.


Ricardo Oliveira wrote:
> Jack,
> Please give me your ASN and i'll double check our data. As long as the 
> network has 4 or less downstreams, it's  being labeled as "stub".
> More details here:
> Thanks,
> --Ricardo

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