Use of Default in the DFZ: banned in philly, see it now on the net!

Ricardo Oliveira rveloso at
Wed Jun 24 17:39:35 UTC 2009

Please give me your ASN and i'll double check our data. As long as the  
network has 4 or less downstreams, it's  being labeled as "stub".
More details here:



On Jun 24, 2009, at 6:44 AM, Jack Bates wrote:

> Randy Bush wrote:
>> please do check your as at <> and then  
>> actually
>> look at your router config.  i found one of my routers still had a
>> default from when i was bringing it up.
> Ick. Nothing was right. Reported as mixed, though that may be my  
> fault and not your testing. Hmmm. Or your test didn't take some  
> things into account like changes over time. Normally I keep a  
> default route available, but due to changing IGP internally I  
> actually have a default which points interior from the edge routers.  
> So when I shut down the last BGP session on the old cisco, the  
> defaults to the transits went away.
> Was also reported as a stub. Glad to know that I don't have BGP  
> customers. Oh, wait, I do. :)
> Jack

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