ipv6 only DNS?

Joe Abley jabley at hopcount.ca
Sun Jun 21 16:06:51 UTC 2009

On 21-Jun-2009, at 10:36, Rui Ribeiro wrote:

> An IPv6 only device can "hit" your server if all the DNS hierachy
> resolves through IPv6. It works the same way as in IPv4.

"Resolves through IPv6" implies a mixture of IPv6 transport and RRSet  
availability. To add some more details, you need:

  - AAAA records in your hints file, so you can complete a useful  
priming query
  - AAAA glue in the zones being followed to answer your questions,  
from the root down
  - all NS sets above every zone cut to include at least one reachable  
nameserver that can be queried using IPv6 transport
  - the resources you're ultimately looking for to have AAAA records  
(assuming your goal is to find an address)

Some time ago I checked the ORG and INFO registries and discovered  
that the number of host objects there with IPv6 address attributes was  
very small. I presumed at the time that it was either hard to find a  
registrar that would support IPv6 addresses for hosts, or that people  
were just not paying much attention to v6-only resolution.


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