Wireless bridge

Justin Sharp sharp at sharpone.net
Fri Jun 19 05:27:19 UTC 2009

I didn't read through all of the replies to see if this was suggested, 
apologies if it was.


I implemented a PTP link at about 3 miles using these Solectek radios. I 
get 40Mbps consistently with TCP traffic and ~100Mbps UDP. This PTP link 
has literally been up for 3 years (in 2 weeks) without failing. I live 
in a 4 seaons state, so its seen all sorts of weather over those years. 
I have clean line of site down the freeway for what its worth. Its 
natively powered via POE, power injector included. We run all sorts of 
usual business application over this link, including about 30 
simultaneous VOIP channels, and have not had one issue with stability. I 
was also told by the VAR that sold us the product that a city nearby 
(can't remember which one) connects all of its municipal buildings with 
Solectek stuff and runs its VOIP infrastructure over it as well.

We run it in bridged mode with routers on each end, but it does support 
some rudimentary L3 stuff, static routing and RIP.

IIRC, they were not "cheap" (couple of 1k), but for us have definitely 
been much cheaper than private circuits from carriers of comparable 
throughput capacity.

Hope its helpful.


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