Telephones for Noisy Data Centers

Sameer Khosla skhosla at
Thu Jun 18 18:31:39 UTC 2009

I use the Peltor Bluetooth headset in our datacenter.  Works better than
most earplugs for noise attenuation, plus as a cell phone headset it has
the noise cancelling microphone.

The construction quality is really good, it could be used on a
construction site without issues.

I highly recommend it.

Sameer Khosla
Managing Director
Neutral Data Centers Corp.
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	I'd be OK if we were in a facility that was only average in
terms of
noise, but we are not. I need an exceptional phone for the data center.
Something that doesn't transmit the horrible background noise to the
other end, and something that is loud without being painful for the user
of this phone. Cordless would be very fine, headset is excellent.
Ordinary desk phone is OK... but the most important thing is that it
works for clear communication. A loud ringer would great too... but if
the best phone doesn't have one, I'll get an auxiliary ringer.

	Does anyone have a phone model that they find to be excellent in
louder than usual data center?

Michael J. McCafferty
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M5 Hosting

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