Wireless bridge

Neil Harris neil at tonal.clara.co.uk
Thu Jun 18 17:28:12 UTC 2009

Peter Boone wrote:
>> From: Michael Dillon [mailto:wavetossed at googlemail.com]
>>> (for example, after a good thunderstorm, the wireless link will be
>> down for
>>> at least 12 hours, but will fix itself eventually.
>> Sounds like there are trees in the line of sight, and maybe they are
>> getting
>> leafier over the years. The only solution to that is to change the path
>> if
>> it is possible.
> The line of sight is all clear, no trees. Only one building along the way
> has a rooftop of similar height, but the antennas are extended far above the
> roofline. We have used a rifle scope to confirm line of sight is all clear
> at all angles.

Given that you have optical line of sight, and that your path length is 
only 800m, have you considered line-of-sight optical links for this 

-- Neil

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