Wireless bridge

Jason Gurtz jasongurtz at npumail.com
Thu Jun 18 15:25:24 UTC 2009

> (for example, after a good thunderstorm, the wireless link will be down
> for at least 12 hours, but will fix itself eventually.

Are you sure there's not a moisture problem in the antennae cabling?  Get
an SWR meter that can handle the 2.4 GHz range and make sure that SWR is
very low (approaching 1:1 but certainly less than 2:1).  Hook up the meter
in-line at the AP.  Test this after everything is wet and again when
there's been a dry spell.  Minimize the number of exposed connections and
use dielectric grease.  Any exposed connections should be well wrapped
with that rubberized electricians tape first, then with regular.

> Resetting either access point will keep the link down for at least 30
> minutes.

This seems to point to signal quality issues.  This could be interference
as others have suggested.  Few things to try (in order of less work, less

1.) Try different 802.11 channels.  Pick one of 1, 6, or 12 as they are
the only non-overlapping spectrum.  Set this manually on both ends

2.) if yaggi type antennas, try changing the polarity.  If it's vertical
now, try horizontal or vice versa (both ends should be the same for
maximum gain!)

3.) Try even higher gain "dish" style antennas (these have circular

4.) Use APs that do 802.11a or n.  These are much less susceptible to
interference.  This probably also means changing/adding antennas.

*.) Bonus idea:  Google roll your own dsl (assuming both locations have
the same CO).  Basically: get a dry pair (no dialtone) from the telco
going from location A to Location B; buy two sdsl modems and install at
each end; hopefully enjoy a few-several Mb connection!


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