Telephones for Noisy Data Centers

Michael J McCafferty mike at
Thu Jun 18 01:59:12 UTC 2009

On Wed, 2009-06-17 at 18:38 -0700, sean head wrote:
> Nathan Ward wrote:
> > On 18/06/2009, at 1:31 PM, Michael J McCafferty wrote:
> >
> >> All,
> >>     I'd be OK if we were in a facility that was only average in terms of
> >> noise, but we are not. I need an exceptional phone for the data center.
> >> Something that doesn't transmit the horrible background noise to the
> >> other end, and something that is loud without being painful for the user
> >> of this phone. Cordless would be very fine, headset is excellent.
> >> Ordinary desk phone is OK... but the most important thing is that it
> >> works for clear communication. A loud ringer would great too... but if
> >> the best phone doesn't have one, I'll get an auxiliary ringer.
> >>
> >>     Does anyone have a phone model that they find to be excellent in a
> >> louder than usual data center?
> >
> >
> > Not 100% what you asked for, but the noise cancelling Jawbone
> > bluetooth earpieces are great.
> >
> > -- 
> > Nathan Ward
> >
> >
> Cordless phone that does bluetooth + jawbone was the first thing that
> popped into my head as well.
> -Sean

Hmm... I actually have one of those... but when my car came with
built-in Bluetooth speaker phone, I haven't used it since. I'll dig it
up and I'll try it out in the data center for the near-term. I'd rather
a real headset that doesn't feel like it's falling out of my ear and
something that other people can use too. I have had a couple pretty good
suggestions off-list  so far that are over the ear solutions. Keep `em

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