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Wed Jun 17 18:19:23 UTC 2009

Patrick W. Gilmore wrote:

> I have not used MAPS, so I cannot comment on its utility. but I have
> never heard a single credible claim Mr. Vixie is a spammer, more or less
> a verifiable one. (Yes, that includes the claim below.) From my personal
> experience, Mr. Vixie is very much the opposite of a spammer. Mr. Vixie
> gave the Keynote speech at the NANOG conference yesterday, so I would
> submit the community at large disagrees with Mr. Anderson's assessment.

The former MAPS offerings have been owned by Trend Microsystems since 2005, 
and I'm fairly certain that Mr. Vixie hasn't been involved in that project 
since before Trend took over.  There's more information at

(Full disclosure: I worked for the Mail Abuse Prevention System from 2000-2001.)

J.D. Falk
Return Path Inc

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