Verio taking twitter down during Iran Election Riots?

Steve Pirk orion at
Tue Jun 16 16:05:59 UTC 2009

On Tue, 16 Jun 2009, Marshall Eubanks wrote:
> Tehran is currently UTC/GMT +4:30 hours. The current downtime is for 2:00 PM 
> Pacific, or 1:30 AM in
> Tehran. That seems to be unfortunately still "prime time" for the nightly 
> demonstrations, one of which is
> going on now.
> If the idea is to avoid such collisions, 5:00 PM or even 6:00 PM PDT would 
> probably be better.

Speaking of critical timings and "demonstrations", anyone in the 
community have contacts/ideas for "last mile" connections in Teheran? 
The protesters are getting blocked right and left trying to get 'net 

There are some, ehrm, "boxen" out on the 'net to allow them to get 
around the active blocking going on, but most of the citizen reporters 
are unable to even get a conection to allow proxying out. Some serious 
censoring of 'net access going on.

Just curious - replies off list if desired. Thanks in advance.

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