Verio taking twitter down during Iran Election Riots?

Jack Bates jbates at
Tue Jun 16 14:48:07 UTC 2009

Erik Fichtner wrote:
> And yet, all upgrades can be postponed with the right... motivation.

Hmmm, you do know that motivation may have strictly been, "Your 
maintenance corresponds with a major event, can you put it off for a day?"

The maintenance in question has obviously been marked critical by NTTA 
with what appears to be short notification and limiting the delay to a 
minimum. They may have been unaware of the event and its importance to 
their customers.

I'm more curious about what maintenance they are actually performing. I 
know they run mixed Cisco/Juniper, and all their Junipers should be able 
to handle in service upgrades. Of course, even switching hits of an 
upgrade warrants setting a maintenance window and notification due to 


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