spamhaus drop list

Quinn Mahoney quinn at
Mon Jun 15 20:16:03 UTC 2009

I'm looking to implement the Spamhaus drop list.


On their FAQ they have a script that looks like it grabs the lists text
file and connects to a given router, and tells you what has changed in
the list, and what your router is null routing.  I'm not sure if it then
removes the null routes if a list entry has been removed.  I haven't
found much documentation on the net regarding this.  In the future it
looks like you will be able to peer with them and null route traffic
from a private AS, which will be routes from the drop list.  Right now
though, it looks like you'd have to update an ACL manually for any
changes to the list.  Or use this script which null routes the traffic
(I guess it's not a big deal getting the syn packets, as long as the
mail won't send because of the null route).  I am not sure if this
script updates the null routes automatically, or how to use it, I can't
find to much documentation. 


Any documentation on this script or another script available.  What are
your suggestions?





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