RIPE NCC interview about IPv6 deployment with Randy Bush

Lucy Lynch llynch at
Fri Jun 12 18:03:36 UTC 2009

On Fri, 12 Jun 2009, Arno Meulenkamp wrote:

> As part of our IPv6 training project, that consists of face to face training 
> and on-line learning modules and testimonials, we are proud to announce the 
> second in a series of interviews.
> Randy Bush (IIJ) discusses IPv6 deployment:

He got larger! And developed an accent... oh wait.

Randy here, but I enjoyed Andy as well.

> So far, we have interviewed 22 people from the community about their 
> experiences and are very busy editing all the video material. In the coming 
> months, you will be able to enjoy the rest of the interviews here:
> These interviews will also be published on our e-learning page and on our 
> IPv6 Act Now website:
> Cheers,
> Arno Meulenkamp

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