Cogent input

Paul Timmins paul at
Thu Jun 11 23:00:16 UTC 2009

> I hope at least some SPs make this commitment back in the states.  I 
> can't find any tier-1s that can provide us with native v6.  Our tier-1 
> upstream has a best effort test program in place that uses ipv6ip 
> tunnels.  The other upstream says that they aren't making any public 
> IPv6 plans yet.  It's hard to push the migration to v6 along when 
> native v6 providers aren't readily available.

GlobalCrossing told me today I can order native IPv6 anywhere on their 
network. Don't know if they count as Tier 1 on your list, though. VZB 
has given me tunnels for a while, hopefully they'll get their pMTU issue 
fixed so we can do more interesting things with it.


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