Cogent input

Alex Rubenstein alex at
Thu Jun 11 17:18:40 UTC 2009

> I'm aware of some (regular?) depeering issues.  The NANOG archives have

AFAIR, there has never been a black-holing, just disappearance of routes. If you are properly multihomed, this is irrelevant and you continue to eat your ice cream and chuckle while they fight it out. It's amusing, really.

> I also know that their bandwidth is extremely cheap.  This of course
> creates an issue for technical folks when trying to justify other
> upstream options that cost significantly more but also don't have a
> damaging history of getting depeered.

It's not as relatively cheap as it used to be. A variety of others can be had in the same ballpark (Telia, Tiscali, Seabone, etc.)

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