Cogent input

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at
Thu Jun 11 15:28:38 UTC 2009


>>>>> "Cogent's official stance on IPv6 is that we will deploy IPv6 when it
>>>>> becomes a commercial necessity. We have tested IPv6 and we have our
>>>>> plan
>>>>> for rolling it out, but there are no commercial drivers to spend money
>>>>> to upgrade a network to IPv6 for no real return on investment."

>> Thats strange they are running pilots with customers on v6 in Amsterdam.

> Not really so strange.  ISPs often pilot features (v6, multicast, etc)
> that they have no immediate intention of deploying, so that they have
> experience if and when it becomes profitable/sensible to deploy them.

Not from what i have been told, but hey i am not working there. We got a 
v6 transit offer as pilot from them so perhaps they are moving towards 
live service .... Would not be strange in this current stage...


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