Cogent input

Stephen Kratzer kratzers at
Thu Jun 11 15:03:21 UTC 2009

Perhaps you missed my quote:

"Cogent's official stance on IPv6 is that we will deploy IPv6 when it
becomes a commercial necessity. We have tested IPv6 and we have our plan
for rolling it out, but there are no commercial drivers to spend money
to upgrade a network to IPv6 for no real return on investment."

This came rom a contact at Cogent (not sure of the role, probably sales rep).

On Thursday 11 June 2009 10:49:13 Bret Clark wrote:
> I'm skeptical as to where this info came from since this seems nothing
> more then nay-say? if people are going to make grandiose statements then
> they should justify them with reputable evidence.  I would be extremely
> surprised if Cogent engineering isn't working on a IPv6 plan or doesn't
> have one already in place.
> Bret
> On Thu, 2009-06-11 at 10:37 -0400, Steve Bertrand wrote:
> > Stephen Kratzer wrote:
> > > And, they have no plans to support IPv6.
> >
> > Ouch!
> >
> > I hope this is a non-starter for a lot of folks.
> >
> > Steve

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