Cogent input

Brad Fleming bdfleming at
Thu Jun 11 14:59:09 UTC 2009

On Jun 11, 2009, at 9:33 AM, Stephen Kratzer wrote:

> The biggest issue we have with them is that they don't allow
> deaggregation. If you've been allocated a prefix of length yy,  
> they'll accept
> only x.x.x.x/yy, not x.x.x.x/yy le 24. Yes, sometimes deaggregation is
> necessary or desirable even if only temporarily.

In our peering session with Cogent, we requested several /16 le /24  
prefixes configured and received no pushback or problems. We are using  
their 1Gbps service so I'm not sure if that buys us additional leeway  
with requests like this or not. We've been customers for nearly two  
full years and intend to continue for at least a third.

-brad fleming

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