Traceroute management

Mishka, Jason Jason.Mishka at UToledo.Edu
Tue Jun 9 20:06:24 UTC 2009

BGPlay might be what you are looking for.  I believe you can replay
certain time periods.


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> Subject: RE: Traceroute management
> Try SmokePing (which includes SmokeTrace now):
> You could also just use a cronjob and output the results to a flat
file or
> database if you prefer something home grown.
> 	-Scott
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> Subject: Traceroute management
> My company uses it's internet connection primarily for VPN tunneling.
> have always wanted a tool that I can enter the peer ip addresses and
> will every 8 or 12 hours run a traceroute and log it so I can build
> historical maps of the path our traffic is taking. Has anyone ever
> any apps like this, preferably something that is free.
> Thanks

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