iBGP advertisement interval

kysks kysks at kornet.net
Mon Jun 8 16:49:48 UTC 2009

Hello. Nanog


I thought  BGP advertisement interval is the following. 

    ibgp : 5 second, ebgp : 30 second. 


But, now I realize that the default ibgp interval of Cisco is  0 second.
(ios 12.0 & IOX)

  (it displays "Default minimum time between advertisement runs is 0


When did it change? ^^;


I wonder  if  No interval time for bgp advertisement would bring insecure
network by flapping network. 


Do you think I have to change the default value of interval time to longer? 


And I 'm curious about  what the default value of Juniper router is.  


Because I have to implement with the Juniper and Cisco mixed. 



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