Randy Bush randy at
Fri Jun 5 23:23:56 UTC 2009

> we have a routing issue within savvis
> <> says to contact
> ssc at and ipnoc at
> the latter does not answer email.  the former is invalid
>     ... while talking to
>     >>> DATA
>     <<< 550 Invalid recipient <ssc at> (#5.1.1)
>     550 5.1.1 <ssc at>... User unknown
>     <<< 503 RCPT first (#5.5.1)
> could someone with routing filter fu at savvis please contact us out of
> band?  thanks.

for the archives

  o someone gave us a different front door address at savvis.  the tech
    there replied that, as it was the site of their customer, they could
    not help [0].

  o i also received a response to the nanog post from an engineer.  it
    was to
    - say they will have the broken email listings fixed
    - say they will chase down internally with customer

you can guess who i would hire.



[0] - at the companies where i have worked (which vix says is a skewed
    sample), "not my job" is a CLM.  the customer pays me for it to be
    my job.  i may not be able to disclose, but i sure as hell will

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