Fiber cut - response in seconds?

Charles Wyble charles at
Tue Jun 2 17:57:05 UTC 2009


To quote sneakers.... were the united states govt. we don't do that sort 
of thing.

Martin Hannigan wrote:
> It would also be cheaper to add an additional layer of security with
> encryption vs. roving teams of gun toting manhole watchers.
> Best!
> Marty
> On 6/2/09, Deepak Jain <deepak at> wrote:
>>> No. And here's why: If you're a naughty foreign intelligence team, and
>>> you know your stuff, you already know where some of the cables you'd
>>> really like a tap on are buried. When you hear of a construction
>>> project
>>> that might damage one, you set up your innocuous white panel truck
>>> somewhere else, near a suitable manhole. When the construction guy with
>>> a backhoe chops the cable (and you may well slip him some money to do
>>> so), *then* you put your tap in, elsewhere, with your actions covered
>>> by
>>> the downtime at the construction site. That's why the guys in the SUVs
>>> are in such a hurry, because they want to close the window of time in
>>> which someone can be tapping the cable elsewhere.
>>> At least that's what I heard. I read it somewhere on the internet.
>>> Definitely. Not at all a sneaky person. No sir.
>> And if you were a naughty foreign intelligence team installing a tap, or a
>> bend, or whatever in the fiber contemporaneously with a known cut, you could
>> also reamplify and dispersion compensate for the slight amount of affect
>> your work is having so that when its tested later, the OTDR is blind to your
>> work.
>> Ah, the fun of Paranoia, Inc.
>> Deepak Jain
>> AiNET

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