Fiber cut - response in seconds?

Eric Van Tol eric at
Tue Jun 2 16:05:11 UTC 2009

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> Joel Jaeggli wrote:
> > It's pretty trivial if know where all the construction projects on your
> > path are...
> How so? Setup OTDR traces and watch them?
> >
> > I've seen this happen on a university campus several times. no black
> > helicopters were involved.
> Care to expand on the methodology used? A campus network is a lot
> different then a major metro area.

Something like Fiber SenSys ( is probably used.  Measures miniscule changes in light levels to tell whether or not fiber has been tampered with.

As for the response in "seconds", I would have to say that the suits were parked right there watching, assuming the story is true.  Not sure if anyone has ever tried to get anywhere in Tysons Corner during roadside construction (or during an afternoon drizzle for that matter), but I can guarantee you that it would be impossible without someone already being stationed onsite.

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