Fiber cut - response in seconds?

Peter Beckman beckman at
Tue Jun 2 01:22:50 UTC 2009

On Mon, 1 Jun 2009, Charles Wyble wrote:

> Right. So why the "near instant" response time.

  Extra budgets, job creation.  Knowing ahead of time where and when work is
  going to be done (easily found out), have someone around the corner at a
  Starbucks so they can jump into action if/when something goes down.

  Just because you have a redundant path doesn't mean you shouldn't get the
  broken path repaired ASAP.  Maybe there are only two paths.  If the other
  goes down, and something happens and the Gov't can't mobilize in time,
  something bad happens.  It's a perfect storm to be sure, but when you have
  the lives of 300 million people at stake, I appreciate the diligence.

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