Fiber cut - response in seconds?

Warren Bailey wbailey at
Tue Jun 2 00:28:43 UTC 2009

Its all a sham. The construction was done by the cubans.. They're good at fiber taps

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I do feel this might be the last post from Mr Pooser. :)

Your on to them it seems. ;)

A very interesting idea. I imagine it wouldn't be hard for foreign 
actors to get access to the data feed of construction, observe for signs 
of a cut and then  splice in a tap.

Though wouldn't that tap be found via the real response team?

Dave Pooser wrote:
>> Right. So why the "near instant" response time. If it's a diverse path,
>> one would imagine that they could respond in a few hours or a day and
>> not have any impact.
> Just a guess, but: A cut cable is one thing. A cut cable in which people
> wearing different suits and driving a different brand of SUV might splice in
> a fiber tap is something altogether different.

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