In a bit of bind...

Daryl G. Jurbala daryl at
Mon Jun 1 21:43:22 UTC 2009

On Jun 1, 2009, at 2:37 PM, Curtis Maurand wrote:

> I've been using powerdns for quite a while and I've found it to be  
> solid and stable.  It'll use quite a few different backends  
> includeing BIND zone files, but its claim to fame is that it uses  
> mysql.
> a list of different backends can be found at:
> I saw bind and bind2, db2, geo, gmysql, gpgsql, goracle, gsqlite,  
> ldap, odbc, opendbx, pipe and xdb.  Pipe is interesting because you  
> can write a backend in anything that talks to anything.  There is  
> documentation and examples on the website.  The "g" stands for  
> generic.
> I've been using poweradmin for management.

We've been using it as well in what I would consider a very small  
setup: 150 domains, most with almost no traffic to speak of, but 3 or  
4 with decent traffic (the high traffic ones serving over 50k end-user  
CPE for VoIP traffic  with very short TTLs ).  The MySQL back-end  
really is a claim to fame - it makes administration really easy to  
integrate into whatever you want.

We have also been using poweradmin for basic management for things not  
under programmatic MySQL management.  It's basic and a bit kludgy, but  
definitely adequate, and easy enough to hack into your own idea of  
what it should be.


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