Verizon transparent web caching issue? WASRe: Data Center QoS equipment breaking http 1.1?

jay at jay at
Fri Jul 31 19:34:12 CDT 2009

Quoting up at

> Disregard my disregard.  The problem resurfaced with no changes on my
> part.  I purged browser caches and tried them from 3 browsers and each
> time:
> redirected to: which is another NameVhost
> on that server sharing that IP.  This is incorrect.  However, I then
> switch from a Verizon connection to an ATT 3g connection on the IPhone
> and the problem goes away.
> Has anyone heard of upstream transparent caching issues causing this
> kind of problem?  Does anyone else here get the redirect instead of the
> correct page?

 From .au the first 3 times I got After that I got lots of  
302's and finally loaded, however the url  
showing in the browser is Looking at  
the packet cap it looks like your apache is doing strange things.


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