AT&T. Layer 6-8 needed.

jamie j at
Mon Jul 27 01:48:06 UTC 2009


  It appears at AT&T (including DSL, and my own home service via u-verse)
has unilaterally and without explanation started blocking websites.

  I have confirmed this with multiple tests.  (It actually appears that
these sites are being blocked at a local-global scale -- that is, each
city/hub seems to have blackholes for the sites).

  The sites I know of I'll list below (see Reddit for a discussion), but
this is clearly and absolutely unacceptable.  Please, comments on the nature
of the sites are OT.. Let's keep this thread that way.  (Away from being OT,
that is).

  If any T folk are around, and have gotten wind of this (all comments /
direct emails will be off record), a reply would be appreciated.

  No ears enclosing clue will be reached via normal channels at ~950E on a
Sunday, but this is clearly a problem needing addressing, resolution, action
and, who knows - suit?

  Thanks in advance all for insight, comments,


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