Recommendations for Hong Kong datacenter, and a sanity check for my geopolitical conclusions ?

Charles Wyble charles at
Sat Jul 25 16:05:12 UTC 2009

> Yes, thank you - that was the datacenter I had read about in my own research.  What did you think of the height of that building and its location on reclaimed sea land ?  It makes me nervous, but as I said in a different message in this thread, it looks like ALL of urban HK is reclaimed so ... who knows.

Well where does the HK govt put there servers? If they outsource them to 
a colo, then that might be an interesting place to start. Sinking into 
the sea seems a remote possibility. I don't know much about Hong Kong. I 
imagine others on the list might be able to speak to that better.

> I was saying that I did not want the servers _inside of_ China, for obvious reasons.  Although the actual geography of shenzhen makes it much more appealing, even though we want greater freedom RE: content/filtering/freedom of speech/etc. (if only for principles sake).

Something something govt event, something something shutting 
down/throttling all connectivity to get there message out.

The point is, that placing servers directly in China presents 
significant operational issues, that a business can understand (hey 
guess what we can't hit our VPN at random times completely outside our 
control). It has nothing to do with free speech, and everything to do 
with continuity of operations.

China is.... difficult. I was tangentially related to a China deployment 
project for a massive e-commerce company.  My manager was discussing the 
project, and I told him I wanted nothing to do with it.

Every time my team mate turned around there was another discussion with 
legal going on. Not to mention EVERYTHING was 100% outsourced.

It was pure unbridled hell for everyone involved with the project.

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