Recommendations for Hong Kong datacenter, and a sanity check for my geopolitical conclusions ?

Benjamin Billon bbillon-ml at
Fri Jul 24 21:53:48 UTC 2009

I'd say it depends, as always. Mostly of what your business is about. If 
you're a bank, you got to take many care about your datacenter(s) 
locations, but you'll have the money for it anyway. Same for health 
services and so on.

Here is a short story: when I had to choose for my first datacenter 
location, I checked if there was two distinct power lines, enough UPS 
capacity, no potential problem with water floods, etc.
Then I thought: who am I to care that much? If there is a terrorist 
attack in my DC and everything blows up, who will care? One big part of 
the local and international Internet will be down and injured, I'm not 
ashamed to say my business won't take that much damages after all. 
Still, if you're hosting critical data (and any business does), go for 
remote backups, even cheap ones. One dedicated server in another city / 
country with enough encryption (VPN / disk encryption) could do the trick.
Again, if the Mega iAdvantage building falls down to the sea, what will 
the whole island look like? Who's gonna care about the Internet at that 

About mainland China, there are very nice datacenters in Beijing and 
Shanghai, even if in my opinion they're still lacking of sufficient 
services (even if Shanghai's are usually better). Then again it depends 
what's your business is about. If you're trying to reach Chinese people, 
you'll have to deal with mainland China administration guys anyway!

George Sanders a écrit :
> Yes, thank you - that was the datacenter I had read about in my own 
> research.  What did you think of the height of that building and its 
> location on reclaimed sea land ?  It makes me nervous, but as I said in 
> a different message in this thread, it looks like ALL of urban HK is 
> reclaimed so ... who knows.
> I was saying that I did not want the servers _inside of_ China, for 
> obvious reasons.  Although the actual geography of shenzhen makes it 
> much more appealing, even though we want greater freedom RE: 
> content/filtering/freedom of speech/etc. (if only for principles sake)..
> Thanks for your comments.

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