Recommendations for Hong Kong datacenter, and a sanity check for my geopolitical conclusions ?

Chris McDonald copraphage at
Fri Jul 24 20:30:52 UTC 2009

Making every effort to not pimp my employer (pccw), I would say that
the Equinix in HK is good and they have a decent equinix direct
product (one bill to pay).  If you're looking more for a "managed
colo", pccw owns powerbase which does that sort of thing.  HKCOLO is
good but space is hard to come by.

On 7/24/09, George Sanders <gosand1982 at> wrote:
> I will be expanding a small network infrastructure service (read: DNS and
> mail ... a few 1u and 2u servers) to Hong Kong next year.
> We don't have any particular customer base in Hong Kong - rather, we have
> customers all over southeast asia and would like to serve them better, as
> well as attract more SE Asia customers.
> I chose Hong Kong for the following reasons:
> - South Korea is alternately happy with / upset with Japan, and I don't want
> to deal with that
> - Japan is is alternately happy with / upset with South Korea, and I don't
> want to deal with that
> - Mainland China is out of the question, for obvious reasons
> - The smaller (Thailand, Vietnamese, Phillipines, etc.) countries all have
> their own particular issues (recent coup in Thailand, etc.)
> So the choice came down to Hong Kong or Singapore, and I chose Hong Kong
> because it seems easier to "just get things done" there.  I realize that in
> the long term there is a greater risk of social paradigm shift in Hong Kong
> because of mainland China, but in the short run it seems that Hong Kong is
> more "functional" than Singapore.
> Any comments on the above thought process ?
> The obvious follow-up is, which datacenter ?
> I need a full service center that will give me rackspace and let me just
> plug ethernet into their switch.  I am not interested in brokering my own
> connectivity, nor am I interested in running my own routers.  I want to pay
> one bill to one organization and get one cable.  The end.
> I think there are further considerations though ... I read details of one
> very modern, very sexy datacenter housed in a skyscraper, but my research
> showed me that this building has been built on land reclaimed from the sea,
> and there is reasonable concern that the sand underpinnings could liquify,
> to a degree, in a seismic event.  I'd also like to be more than a few feet
> above sea level.  Honestly, as sexy as it would be to be in a slick tower
> right on the bay in Central Hong Kong, I would much rather find some
> nondescript, one story building, miles from the coast and a few hundred feet
> above sea level.
> What recommendations might someone have ?
> Thank you very much for any comments or suggestions you may have.

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