Open Source / Low Cost NMS for Server Hardware / Application Monitoring

Charles Wyble charles at
Thu Jul 23 17:33:58 UTC 2009

> I would disagree; nagios is not limited to small systems... We're 
> currently monitoring about 8500 services on 2834 routers with nagios 
> quite successfully and have been doing so for nearly a decade now -- we 
> started with Netsaint. With custom scripts receiving data from our 
> inventory management system, Nagios config generation for 99% of the 
> hosts is completely automated with only a handful of special cases that 
> are hand-modified as needed. Our investment, both in initial/ongoing 
> man-hours, hardware, etc is minimal so our ROI is decent too ;)
> -- 
> Marc

+1 / what he said

I auto generate my nagios configs from an in house asset management 
system as well. It works great. Monitoring over 1k devices. We built a 
custom reporting system around nagios as well.

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