Opensource or Low Cost NMS for Server Hardware / Application Monitoring

Matthew Huff mhuff at
Wed Jul 22 12:21:54 CDT 2009

I think all of these comments are useful. but we are looking for NMS for
server/application monitoring, not snmp/dmi based polling. We will need a
system that runs custom scripts to monitor our servers (CPU, OS syslogs,
Windows Event logs, hardware, memory, etc) and our in-house applications
running on these servers (100+). Native agents for windows 2003, 2008, Linux
and Solaris (both Sparc and x86) with custom scripting is a minimum
requirements. There are a lot of good network router/switch solutions, but
we are looking for some that are more focused on server based management. We
used to use BMC patrol which was a very good system. We moved away from it
because it was extremely pricey per-node and BMC absolute rejection of
Solaris X86 as a supported platform (We went back and forth between Sun and
BMC regarding that for over a year).

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> Eric Gauthier wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> >
> >> As for server / application / random other stuff (like printers and
> >> ups's and IP camera and the like), Zenoss is great -- its clean,
> >> simple, fast(ish), easy  and pretty -- the last one happens to be
> >> important for some folks (esp in the enterprise world...)
> >>
> >
> > We've looked at ZenOSS but couldn't get it to model the network.
> > >From what we can tell, it couldn't handle the full routing table
> > on our core routers (there are six).  If someone has successfully
> > done this, can you contact me off list?
> >
> > Eric :)
> I like NMIS. Fast, scalable, flexible and really hackable. It doesn't
> take much time to get it up and running but selling others on it can be
> challenging. It works off of flat tab delimited text files making
> populating the node base pretty easy. There are plans for NMIS5 to use
> database connectivity for this which will be even more fun. There are
> external contributions that do everything from RANCID to Flash maps of
> your network. The home page is here:
> But has since moved to sourceforge:
> With the gang being here:
> While not for everyone and not as popular or pretty as some of the
> others, it is a network monitoring system built by engineers for
> engineers. With a combination of SNMP data collection and ping/service
> tests, bandwidth utilization alerts, alert groups, thresholds etc. can
> be adjusted on a per-device basis and just a week of utilization can
> really help you identify points on the network that need to be cleaned
> up.
> I guess my favorite part is the ability to write device interface
> descriptions to trigger actions in the Perl script since that data is
> collected via SNMP.
> --
> Will Clayton

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