Opensource or Low Cost NMS for Server Hardware / Application Monitoring

Jack Bates jbates at
Wed Jul 22 13:45:52 UTC 2009

Warren Kumari wrote:
> As for server / application / random other stuff (like printers and 
> ups's and IP camera and the like), Zenoss is great -- its clean, simple, 
> fast(ish), easy  and pretty -- the last one happens to be important for 
> some folks (esp in the enterprise world...)

Just expect it to be run on linux; perhaps bsd. The last time I played 
with it, there were too many issues with getting it to run on Solaris 10 
to bother. Don't get me wrong. When I installed nagios 3.1.2 yesterday, 
I had to make it understand that -lsocket was needed and copy snprintf.o 
from ./base to ./common where it was supposed to be compiled. Zenoss 
just wasn't an easy tweak. It's been awhile, but I suspect their was very linux centric and would have required a rewrite.


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