Cisco 12000 series routers and IOS XR.

Jim Wininger jwininger at
Tue Jul 21 08:50:53 CDT 2009


What release ox XR are you on? We had the 12000-SIP-501 in both 12ks but
juet RMAed one of them and receive a 12000-SIP-601. The SPA-5X1Ge remain the

What hardware are you running? If I may ask, what do you mean by "painful".
Our experience with the 12000 (running ISO XR day one) has been quite an
exercise in frustration.

NAME: "0/0/CPU0", DESCR: "Cisco 12000 Series SPA Interface Processor-  501"
PID: 12000-SIP-501

NAME: "0/0/0", DESCR: "5-port 1 GbE Shared Port Adapter"

On 7/20/09 6:27 AM, "Neil J. McRae" <neil at DOMINO.ORG> wrote:

> Jim,
> We converted our entire 12K backbone to IOS XR, it was painful but
> Its been relatively stable since. Haven't seen any issues like this.
> What SPA are you using?
> Neil.
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> Subject: Cisco 12000 series routers and IOS XR.
> Is anyone on the list running the Cisco 12000 Series routers with XR? We
> have a couple of these in our network and are having a few issues with them.
> Specifically the line cards will reboot for some unknown reason
> (12000-SIP-501). We recently replaced one of the cards and the new hardware
> (<6mo old) is doing the same thing.
> Anyone have issues with these routers?

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