What is good in modular routers these days?

Edward B. DREGER eddy+public+spam at noc.everquick.net
Sun Jul 19 22:02:51 CDT 2009

MA> Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2009 04:45:17 +0200 (CEST)
MA> From: Mikael Abrahamsson

MA> There are no CPU based routers with proper 10GE forwarding
MA> capabilities that I am aware of, closest would be network processor
MA> based (which some might argue is a lot of CPUs in some cases, but
MA> it's not a 2600 type CPU anyway).
MA> Single-thread CPU just isn't fast enough to handle the PPS involved
MA> (currently).

With a little creativity, it can _almost_ be done for IPv4.

With an efficient FIB algorithm, a single core on a Xeon 5400 will
exceed 30 million lookups per second for IPv4 -- full table and lots
of peers.

Of course, that fails to accomodate RIB maintenance and FIB updates.  It
also doesn't take into account modern SMP CPUs; the RIB-handling code is
still under development.

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