Visio diag automations

Charles Wyble charles at
Sun Jul 19 17:49:14 UTC 2009

This is built into visio.

You can link a drawing to an access database.

I did that a few years back. For all the desktops and servers. Right 
click on the icon pulled up all the data.

Did layers... had the network jacks, furniture, computers, printers... 

Peter Hicks wrote:
> Bobby Mac wrote:
>> I have to create Visio diagrams for sales engagements for a webhosting
>> provider.  I use the same template based on our standard architecture but
>> vary the number/model/detail of the servers.  I am sick of the 
>> cut-n-paste
>> approach and am wondering who has automated some of these processes.  
>> What I
>> would like to do is provide a standard data file (excel, csv, ect..) and
>> have that populate the detailed areas of the diagram.  My boss won't 
>> pay for
>> any software but I can use open source under XP or cygwin.
> I attempted to do data-driven diagrams with Visio, but quickly gave up. 
>  I don't think Visio is the right tool for the job.
> Have you thought about writing the diagram in HTML+CSS and laying it out 
> that way?
> Diagramming is one of the biggest problems I've had in the 10+ years 
> I've been doing networking.
> Poggs

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